Friday, December 18, 2015

Reflecting on San Bernardino 12/2

Bishop Barnes at City Vigil 

 ‘We believe that love is greater than hate’

Bishop Gerald Barnes joined San Bernardino civic and faith leaders at a candlelight vigil at San Manuel Baseball Stadium the night after the Inland Regional Center attack. The following are his remarks:

I would like to thank the mayor for bringing us together.

I would also like to thank law enforcement and first responders for putting their own lives in arms way to protect us.

All of us are affected by this tragedy; San Bernardino, Redlands, all of us who call the Inland Empire our home.

We know that this tragedy also has touched our neighboring cities, our State and Nation and all the world and we appreciate the prayerful support we have received from so many. And to them we give our deepest gratitude and ask that they continue to remember us in their prayers.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Laudato Si Thursday - Week 6

Each Thursday we will present a snippet of Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si for reflection.
You may download the Encyclical here.

This week we look at paragraph 105 of the Encyclical.

For reflection:

How has the incorrect vision of humans’ role in the world that Pope Francis describes contributed to many of the problems he names in Laudato Si? 

Cada jueves presentaremos un selección de la Encíclica del Papa Francisco Laudato Si para reflexión.

Descargar Encíclica aqui.

Esta semana presentamos este breve cita del párrofo 105 de la Encíclica.

Para reflexión:

¿Cómo ha contribuido a muchos de los problemas mencionados en Laudato Si la visión errónea del papel de los seres humanos en el mundo que el Papa Francisco describe?