Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Diocese Overflows with Gratitude

By Kathleen Hurt,
Diocesan Development Office
“I smile when I realize God has answered my prayers. I don’t always get what I’ve asked for; I thank Him especially for His wisdom.” This testimony of gratitude was received from Alex and Vicki at St. Joseph in Fontana joins nearly 7,000 other testimonies and special intentions submitted on 2010 Diocesan Development Fund (DDF) pledge cards. This over pouring of gratitude for the goodness our Lord has shared is confirmation that God’s presence is shining among parishioners throughout this diocese.

What are you most grateful for? Have you ever sat in awe over the way your life has positively unfolded from unanswered prayers or praised God for another glorious day of life?

Until we can be truly happy with what God has given we can’t truly be grateful. Over the coming month, I invite you and those you love to share three things you are grateful for each day or week. It can be shared over a cup of coffee with a good friend or part of the dinnertime routine with the family. It’s a Gratitude Revolution. Join in!

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