Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keep a green bough in your heart!

By Sister Mary Frances Coleman, R.S.M.
Director, Religious & Consecrated Life

Every year it happens: all of life engages in birth, death and resurrection.

Every year cocoons give up their treasures, a dandelion appears through the cement curtains of a cracked sidewalk. We hold images of people being pulled out of their tomb-like enclosures under rubble after the earthquakes in Haiti and more recently in Japan. Their bodies covered in dust and with profound injuries still fought to gasp for air and life again—resurrection!

And we — are not our lives interwoven with experiences and memories of having shared these Paschal cycles? Don’t we experience our death moments? moments of hope breaking through? The peak event of resurrection following the pattern of the passion and death in the life of Jesus, an anchor of hope for us always.

Every year the dull and dead in us meets our Easter challenge, to live on the frontiers of our existence,  to see the Lazarus deep inside us pick up his cloak and walk toward the light, to be open to the unexpected, to welcome God in every form and situation and always trust in our own greening.

Easter blessings of joy and peace!

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