Monday, August 15, 2011

Destination Madrid: Journeying with Diocesan World Youth Day pilgrims

By Andres Rivera
Communications Office

It isn't everyday that we are able to take a spiritual pilgrimage of the magnitude that World Youth Day pilgrims will be experiencing over the next several days. The Diocese of San Bernardino will have roughly 350 in a diocesan group attending. What will they experience? What foods will they eat? Who will they meet? What about the sites, sounds, learning expereinces and moments of profound awe in all that God has to offer us? An even greater notion to reflect on is the fact that they will be gathering along with millions of other Catholics from all nations, cultures and backgrounds ...all with one common purpose: their faith. We can only imagine how excited they might be as the events begin.

Thanks to modern technology we are now able to take a sneak peak at what they are expereincing. And while it is not the same as actually being there, we can still journey with them in some way. The diocese is fortunate enough to offer exclusive videos highlighting daily events during the World Youth Day activities. Images can be found on our Facebook pages and videos are posted on our diocesan YouTube channel.

Need to catch up on what has been going on so far? Here's some of the first videos available to us.

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