Saturday, August 20, 2011

Destination Madrid: Journeying with Diocesan World Youth Day Pilgrims II

By Andres Rivera
Communications Department

Today is Virtual World Youth Day in San Bernardino. Today youth from throughout the diocese will arrive at Aquinas High School in San Bernardino to be in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of youth that have gathered to celebrate their faith in Madrid, Spain with our Pope Benedict XVI.

The participants at Virtual World Youth Day will be able to have their own mini pilgrimage as they spend an afternoon enjoying games, music, talks and more. They will even get to experience a vigil with Bishop Gerald Barnes and sleep under the stars so they may hear our Pope speak at the closing ceremony in Madrid the following day.

Meanwhile in Madrid, similar events have been unfolding yet on a much grander scale. Chatechesis, concerts, Stations of the Cross and various opportunities to take part in the celebration of the Eucharist have been the norm for our diocesan pilgrims. But rather than talk about it, our correspondents in Madrid have been able to capture a little bit on video for us to continue our journey with them. Enjoy, reflect and pray for the pilgrims as they near the end of this unique experience.

*Note: This playlist begins with day one. If you have already seen the first three videos from the last blog post, you may want to skip ahead to day four on the playlist. 

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