Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let God take the wheel

Theresa Montminy,

The hardest aspect of the Christian life is to learn to submit to God in all things.  His yoke is easy, but remembering to be bound by it is difficult.  We worship Him for His goodness, we thank Him for His love, we pledge to be His disciples, and we ask Him for His wisdom. All the while, the nuts and bolts of following Him are hard to grasp.  When it comes to making decisions, we still like our independence.

What is it about our independence that so intrigues us?  Why are we so captivated with our decision-making powers?  Why, even when we know that a sense of autonomy does not lead us to making peace with ourselves and others, do we insist on maintaining little pieces of it in various corners of our lives?  Why, when God tells us one thing and our internal compulsions tell us another, do we often choose the compulsions?  What does that say about our trust in God?

Making peace in our life is about trusting God and seeking to serve Him.  When we choose our own will over God’s, we’re mistrusting Him and trusting ourselves.  What an absurdity!  We forget the most basic of all biblical teachings ~ God’s will is in our best interest.

Are you convinced of that?  You cannot be at peace until you know deep down in your heart that His commands, even the hard ones, are ultimately for our benefit.  We can be sure that the best way to seek our own self-centered interests is to be entirely God-centered.  In this paradox, godliness and the self-life meet.  Or, as Jesus said; “Whoever loses his life will preserve it.”  Our happiness is deeper and richer when we listen to Him.

In that sense, it is a self-fulfilling act to forsake our own will and submit to His.  Submission seems so noble, but we have a lot at stake in it.  When we serve Him, we serve ourselves.  Believe that wholeheartedly, and see what happens.  Let us strive to serve God where He has planted us . . .  and, in that way we will find peace!

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