Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Introducing Sacred Spaces

By Andres Rivera
Communication Department

In case you didn't notice, our diocesan newspaper Inland Catholic Byte recently began running a new column in the parish section titled Sacred Spaces. This column was created to highlight the hidden treasures that can be found in our parishes.

Sometimes we overlook great pieces of art or a beautiful altar piece or statue because it has been there ever since we can remember. This column is meant to shed some light and invite us to take a closer look at our parishes. What about our community, our places of worship inspire wonder and awe. Some parishes have a wealth of images, places, objects that showcase elements of our faith, while other parishes express their faith in another way. What does your parish do?

Occasionally we will be sharing parishes that have been highlighted in our column here. We will add additional photos and maybe some more history or reaction from parishioners on the significance of the "sacred space."

Perhaps you will be inspired to share with us what 'sacred spaces' can be found at your parish location. Our dream is to highlight each parish in our diocese at least once! With your help, I think we can do just that. If you would like to submit your own "sacred space", email me at

Now for sacred space no. 1...

Mosaic artwork: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Indio
The church building at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Indio, which was dedicated on April 24, 1960, boasts several mosaic embellishments. The sanctuary space displays five mosaics containing images of St. Joseph, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, God the Father, the assumption of Mary and Our Lady of Guadalupe. If you closely at the mosaic of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, you will see depictions of the priest who helped establish the parish and a replica of the current structure.Mosaics depicting the Stations of the Cross also adorn the nave of the church.

Stations of the Cross

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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  1. Beautiful Church with great priests. I love going to Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help!


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