Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bishop del Riego on wildfire near San Jacinto Mountains

By Bishop Rutilio del Riego
Diocese of San Bernardino

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In the name of Bishop Gerald Barnes, I ask that you join in prayer for the community of Idyllwild as it faces the threat of a very large wildfire in the San Jacinto Mountains. We ask God to spare the people of Idyllwild and the many who are bravely fighting this fire from harm. We pray for the protection of homes and businesses in the community and, in a special way, we ask God to watch over Queen of Angels parish which is very near this fire. Let us pray for the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary in this time of great peril and threat to human safety and property.

May God bless you

Compassionate and loving God, at this time, when fires are burning in the San Jacinto Mountains around Idyllwild, Palm Springs, and surrounding areas, we pray for those who are victims of tragic fire loss, and for those who fear for their homes and businesses. Keep them safe. Fortify them with hope and faith. May the love shared among neighbors help them. We pray also for the brave men and women fighting fires throughout our diocese, may they be safe, and graced with hope, perseverance and faith in you, as they serve to protect communities from these destructive, raging fires. 

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