Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bishop Barnes on the Veto of SB131: Faithful Citizenship in action!

By Bishop Gerald Barnes
Diocese of San Bernardino

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to express my thanks to Governor Jerry Brown for his decision, announced Oct. 12, to veto Senate Bill 131. He has demonstrated great prudence and judgment in this decision, recognizing that the bill denied justice to a great majority of child victims of sexual abuse in our state. I am grateful to God, who was with us in our efforts to advocate against the bill and whose Spirit guided the process to its ultimate conclusion. I also offer my thanks to all who worked tirelessly in the effort to voice objection to SB 131 among their representatives in the State Legislature and who continued in prayer for a just outcome. This was Faithful Citizenship in action! Finally, we must not lose sight of our commitment as a Church to protecting children and healing victims of abuse throughout society. Let us continue steadfastly in this ministry so that, with God's grace, our children and youth will be kept safe.

May God bless you.