Thursday, June 12, 2014

Love really can conquer all

By Father Ben Alforque, MSC

Children, are you afraid that your childhood dreams will not come true? Young people, are you confused which way and which truth to follow? Young adults, do your feel threatened by an uncertain difficult future? Old people, the sick, and the dying, are you afraid of death?

Love and forgiveness here on earth can set us free from our fears. When we love fully, with all the risks and vulnerabilities at stake, for the good of the other we share in the audacity and bravery of Jesus. When we forgive ourselves and others, because we truly love, we share in the loving forgiveness of Jesus. Then we are liberated to embrace all kinds of people and all kinds of situations, because we desire only the good, even if it hurts!

In a profound sense, our love and forgiveness make us share in the resurrected life of Jesus: we are made new. We have been hurt, our bodies and emotions wounded, our souls in agony. But the Spirit of Jesus is in us, empowering us to be free to love and to forgive. The Spirit makes us radically different from those imprisoned by fear due to selfishness, greed and victimization of injustice. No, we rise up. Let us rise up and proclaim the Resurrection of Jesus and be free, in our woundedness, to love and do good, to truly care for one another and all of creation, to live in common as brothers and sisters, one family of God!

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