Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Parent's Prayer

By Deacon Mike Jelley
Vice Chancellor of Ecclesial Services

On Monday Doogie & I got up at 4:30 so we could take our walk, pray and be at Sacred Heart, R.C. (me not Doogie) before 7. Actually I got up and Doogie literally opened one eye, closed it, sighed and went back to sleep. I dressed and slipped his leash on him at which point he stood on the bed, stretched as only a dog can stretch, coughed, licked my face and jumped down, tail wagging as if to say: ‘Let’s go, why are just standing there wiping your face?”

It was cool and quiet that early and from the top of the hill we could see the steam from the power station near the SB Airport rising straight up. That’s a sign that it’s cold and there’s no wind.

My prayer on Monday was for those who rise early, work hard and sometimes come home late, especially when husbands and wives both have to work. Our neighbors own a 24-hour convenience store. Some mornings she comes home a little after 5 having worked all night. About an hour later he heads out to work at the store all day. They have four children, a little one still at home with grandma, one in 3rd or 4th grade and two in middle school. The older ones take the bus when mom or dad can’t drive. The bus stops near the top of the hill so they have to hike up there before 6 AM to catch it. Finding time when the whole family can be together can be difficult for many families and perhaps our children (grandchildren…great grandchildren) may not appreciate the sacrifices we make to provide a home and food and a good education, or what we do to show them what faith means by the example of our lives…but God appreciates everything we do for others, especially what we do for children.

So today I’m sharing a Parent Prayer and, for all of you who do not have children of their own this simple prayer applies to you too in because of the many ways you interact with children in your ministry, your family and in many other parts of your life…let us always strive to see the world through the eyes of a child, filled with curiosity, wonder and delight…

God, our Creator and loving Parent, thank you for the gift of life. Cherish me as your daughter (son) and fill my life with the creative power of your love.

Jesus, our Savior and Brother, thank you for showing me the way of love. Be with me as I try to be like you – patient, supportive and gentle with my child. Let me share again the delight and wonder of childhood, of discovering your face in the little things: in the glistening petals of a flower touched by dew in the early morning, in the measured movements of a caterpillar and the dazzling beauty of a butterfly. Thank you for your loving arms around me when I fall.

Spirit of God, our constant Friend & Guide, thank you for leading me in the ways of faith. Help me to show my child the loving face of God during our life together. Let me bring healing to her (him) in times of pain or doubt. Help me to care for my child materially and spiritually and let us always be friends and believers together.

God, Creator, Savior and Spirit, you have trusted me with my child’s life. Help us to grow together in all that is good and right. Be with us in times of joy and in moments of sorrow or pain. Let us know that you are there for us, even when we lose sight of you. Please be the light and warmth in our home and in our hearts.


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