Thursday, August 27, 2015

Farewell Andres

By John Andrews
Director of Communications

Who says the media doesn’t promote vocations to the priesthood?

Today, we in the Diocesan Department of Communications bid farewell to longtime Communications Coordinator Andres Rivera, the man largely responsible for bringing the Diocese out of the Stone Age of tri-fold brochures and paper bulletins and into the digital overload that we know as social media.

At least for a while, we will be lost without Andres here in the Dept. of Communications, but if you’re going to lose such a talented guy it might as well be to the priesthood.

That’s right, Andres has entered the Diocesan Seminarian Program and in that sense his departure takes on a celebratory flavor, as we rejoice whenever a man in our diocese answers God’s call to serve His people as a priest.

Some of us are taking pride in the fact that Andres, I am told, is the first seminarian to emerge from a Diocesan Pastoral Center office. Maybe all those profile stories he wrote on new seminarians for the BYTE had an effect… Or maybe Sister Sarah (Shrewsbury) and Father Javier (Gonzalez) are just really good at promoting vocations and they know how to “spot one.” (Probably the latter)

However he got to this point in his vocational journey, we are honored and filled with joy and prayer for Andres as he enters this new chapter of his life.

And looking ahead a little bit, I’ll be glad to have such an expert in media and technology on “the inside,” as we try to teach and promote modern tools of communication among the priests of our diocese. So in that way, Andres, your ministry of communication doesn’t have to end :)

May God bless you always.

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